Turism / Hunting

The forest hunting farm is located 20 km from Pinsk city, 200 km from Brest city, 320 km from Minsk city.

The total hunting ground is 7.2 thousand ha, including: forestry – 6.9 thousand ha, water and swamp territory – 1.5 thousand ha, field territory – 8.8 thousand ha.
The tourist and excursion route within the forest hunting farm includes landscape sanctuary “Srednyaya Pripyat” and local biological sanctuary “Yermaki”, and hunting ground of the farm for the amateurs of hunting, located on the territory of 17,2 thousand ha, including 6,9 thousand ha of forestry, 1,5 thousand ha of water and swamp territory, 8,8 thousand ha of field territory. The hunters can organize hunting of overflying goose, drake and woodcock. From 01st of May till 30th of September from 18-00 till 9-00 the rifle hunting from the wait is available as well as the approach hunting of swine, and form 15th of May till 30th of September from 18-00 till 9-00 the hunting of roe is available. From the second Saturday of August till the second Sunday of December the hunting of natatorial and swamp game (except for geese) quails, woodcock, rock-pigeon and ringdove; from the second Saturday of July the hunting of snipe is available for the owners of fuzz dogs. From 01st of September till 31st of January the rifle and non-rifle hunting of beaver and otter is available, and from 1st of February till 1st of March non-rifle hunting is available. The forest hunting ground possesses 25 traps for these species. From 01st of October till 30th of December the swine hunting and roe hunting with fuzz dogs of trapping are available, as well as hunting from wait and approach. From the first Saturday of November till the last Sunday of January the furred animals hunting is available, and for the owners of hunting dogs with valid diplomas the hunting of hare and fox is available. From 15th of December till the 31st of January the wait hunting and approach hunting of swine are available. For the amateurs of photo-hunting there are 2 stationary tower masts.
In 2011 the hunting complex will be launched, where the guests can overnight and have rest.