State Forestry Institution

225710, the Republic of Belarus, the city of Pinsk, Schubitidze St., 28

Director: Minich Vladimir Viktorovich

Tel.: +375 165 359065

Fax: +375 165 353457


Working hours of the institution: 8.00-13.00; 14.00-17.00

Pinsk forest farm is located in the southern part of Brest Area in the Republic of Belarus on the territory of two administrative regions: Pinsk (52,4 %) and Ivanovo (47,6 %), and its southern border goes over the state border with the Ukraine. The outstretch of the territory from north to south is 55 km, from west to east – 91 km. The total area of the state forestry on the 01.01.09 was 100283 ha, including forest-covered area of 85379 ha. The office of the forest farm and its main homestead are located in the regional center, in Pinsk city, Shubitidze str., 28, which is 170 km from the area center – Brest city and 230 km from the capital of the Republic of Belarus.

The main kind of activity of the forest farm is the reproduction of forestry, its cultivation, protection of forestry from fire and illegal cutting, protection from diseases and pests, and organization of preliminary and main use cuttings.

In recent years the main types of the production manufactured and directed to the internal market were the following: deal paper-wood, veneer raw materials from small-leaf stocks, round timber of various timber stocks, firewood for individuals and for mini-heat power stations and city heat power stations. The following products were exported: deal paper-wood, birch paper-wood, technological raw materials from small-leaf stocks.